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What To Do in Pittsburgh- Summer 2015


Photo by Citiparks

For all of those who thought that there was nothing to do in Pittsburgh, you have officially been proven incorrect. Here is another list of some of the events in happening in Pittsburgh this summer (June- August). We also added some ongoing favorites and staff recommendations for you to check out. Enjoy!

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Living in North Oakland

Where else in the city can you find three Indian restaurants on the same street??? Only North Oakland.

That is just one of the reasons North Oakland is an awesome place to live during your time at Pitt. Before moving to the neighborhood last June I didn’t know much about the unexpected perks of living in Oakland.

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Archives FAQ: An Interview with Dominique Luster

Name- Dominique LusterLuster, Dominique

Specialization- Archives and Information Management

What made you decide to go to Pitt? What about the program attracted you the most?

I started out with the USNews ranking for top Archival programs and narrowed my list of applications based mostly on location, then by program structure and faculty. Then my supervisor who is a PITT alum brought me into her office, sat me down and told me that I was going to PITT. After that I didn’t really bother applying to other places.

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