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What To Do in Pittsburgh- Summer 2015


Photo by Citiparks

For all of those who thought that there was nothing to do in Pittsburgh, you have officially been proven incorrect. Here is another list of some of the events in happening in Pittsburgh this summer (June- August). We also added some ongoing favorites and staff recommendations for you to check out. Enjoy!

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What To Do in Pittsburgh Spring 2015


Congratulations! You have survived the winter in Pittsburgh! Even though it snowed on the 20th of March, spring will be right around the corner (at least we hope so).

Hoping for the best I have complied a list of awesome things to do just outside your front door in the coming months.

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November’s Social Hour (Diwaloween)

The fall semester’s Social Hours have centered around the many cultures that make up our iSchool. September’s theme was a celebration of the Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival. October’s theme was Oktoberfest. For this month’s Social Hour we partnered with ANKUR-Indian Graduate Student Association to focus on Diwali, the Indian Festival of lights.

In honor of Diwali we decided to challenge students to create Rangoli (Traditional Indian decoration usually created with flowers) with nontraditional materials.


Nontraditional materials = sprinkles and lentils

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