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FAQs Series: What experience do I need? (MSIS/MST)

A lot of students that want to apply to the MSIS or MST program are concerned about their computer background. I’m here so bring you comfort and reassurance…and maybe a little fear…just a little. The iSchool at Pitt admits students from from Bachelor of Arts to Bachelor of Engineering. I have a Psychology degree and my buddy has an Economics degree. They accept any and everyone that shows potential and a strong academic or professional background. Information Science in itself is an interdisciplinary field, so naturally students of various backgrounds are welcome to learn and interact!

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FAQs Series: Where Can I Live? When Should I Start Looking?

Pittsburgh is separated into several neighborhoods. The University of Pittsburgh is located in Oakland. The School of Information Sciences is located in what is considered North Oakland.

A lot of our graduate students live in the following neighborhoods:

  • North Oakland
  • Regent Square
  • Shadyside
  • Squirrel Hill North

Students also live in these areas:

  • Downtown
  • Highland Park
  • Lawrenceville
  • Point Breeze
  • Remaining Oakland areas
  • Squirrel Hill South
  • South Side Flats

Where you decide to live is really dependent on affordability, housing type preference, and location. Many of our LIS students live in Squirrel Hill where there are lots of quaint shops and diverse restaurants and shops. International/IS/Tele students mostly live in North Oakland where it is very affordable and close to the school.

I live in Shadyside where it can tend to get pricey, especially if you do not have a roommate. But the housing is nice and the location is even better with grocery stores, restaurants, and recreation (parks and gym) within walking distance.

Shayla lives in North Oakland. She loves the area because it’s super affordable and a 5 min walk to the iSchool. There’s also very cool and very delicious restaurants nearby. North Oakland also has international markets including Bombay Food Market and Seoul Mart.

When should my lease end?

If you are planning to leave immediately after your program is over…

As an MSIS/MST student, you would want your lease to end in either Dec/Jan or April/May, depending on how many semesters you will be staying and how quickly you can move out. Winter and Spring graduation ceremonies are at the end of December and May.

As an MLIS student, your semester most likely ends in the beginning of August, so you would want to have a lease that ends by August.

Some leasing agencies or landlords are not flexible with their leases or they will increase rates if your yearly lease is shortened. Ask the owners if they have flexible leases or monthly leases to accommodate your needs.

When should I start looking for housing?

You should start researching as soon as possible! I would read information on each of the neighborhoods and start looking at potential housing in the area. If you are able to make an in-person visit, I definitely would make the trip! You can either look around each neighborhood to get a feel, or have leasing agencies take you around to their properties. Most agencies have multiple locations in multiple neighborhoods, so you can really see the difference in your options. A lot of the better properties are filled up by June-July, but other locations do not start accepting new tenants until May or June.

Resources to Learn More About the Neighborhoods
and Available Housing

  • Craigslist – Lists of available housing. Management companies also use Craiglist for advertisement if you do not want to work with a tenant.
  • Off-Campus Living – University of Pittsburgh website. Provides rental information and extremely valuable tips on looking for housing in the area.
  • Padmapper – Will show you the locations of different housing listings. Compiled from several housing resources.

Feel free to ask us more information about housing or our experiences if you need it!

FAQs Series: What Funding Can I Get for School? (MSIS/MST)

I’ve gotten this question quite a few times as well. This answer can be tricky, depending on if you’re a domestic or international student.

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