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Broadcasting to You Live from Tennessee: Day 3 @ NSBE 40th Annual Convention


Broadcasting to You Live from Tennessee: Day 2 @ NSBE 40th Annual Convention

Today was the first day of the Career Fair/Graduate School fair. I didn’t get to walk around (other than the long time I got lost in the resort), but I met some really nice middle, high school, and college students. Today was more like a family reunion to me. A few of the NSBE UMCP chapter came by my booth to say hello. I also caught of with a few and hung out with them later in the evening. It’s so great to see people from my alma mater doing well and successfully getting through their engineering studies. For dinner, I went to Jack Daniel’s, and had some great southern cuisine and listened to live music. Afterward, I went to get gelato, which was VERY tasty and unique (flavors I’ve never tried before). This was a very nice day. I look forward to going to the fair and getting more footage of the actual fair.

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