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Learn More About the SIS School@Pitt!

Introduction into the mystery surrounding the Art of Information Sciences

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FAQs Series: What experience do I need? (MSIS/MST)

A lot of students that want to apply to the MSIS or MST program are concerned about their computer background. I’m here so bring you comfort and reassurance…and maybe a little fear…just a little. The iSchool at Pitt admits students from from Bachelor of Arts to Bachelor of Engineering. I have a Psychology degree and my buddy has an Economics degree. They accept any and everyone that shows potential and a strong academic or professional background. Information Science in itself is an interdisciplinary field, so naturally students of various backgrounds are welcome to learn and interact!

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H2P: Homecoming 2014

This semester, I celebrated my first Pitt Homecoming! The activities started on Thursday when I went to the Legacy Laureate Lunch and met Debra King, the iSchool’s representative. On Friday, I also attended the iSchool’s Alumni Awards Ceremony where Debra received the Distinguished Alumni Award. It was really great to speak to someone who is so accomplished and has so much wisdom and kindness to share with those who surround her.

Afterward, I went with two MLIS alumni to an alumni celebration at the Cathedral of Learning and ran into my buddies from Student Services! When the celebration was over, I saw the Laser and Fireworks show, which was AWESOME! I danced a lot ^_^.

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Saturday, I went to the homecoming game with some MST friends! The game was horrible, but I enjoyed the company 🙂


I had such a fun homecoming! I can’t wait to come back to Pittsburgh and do it all again next year!

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