MARAC name tags and pinsThe interim between the spring and summer semester was filled with travel, rest, and looking forward. My first weekend was spent in Rochester, New York, attending Spring MARAC. MARAC is a valuable opportunity to meet other professionals in the archives field and hear about the current projects and emerging trends and tools. Though this was my second round at MARAC, I attended Fall MARAC in Philadelphia, PA, I continue to learn and forge new relationships at each conference. To the right are my conference name tags, as a New Member at Fall MARAC and a Speaker at Spring MARAC. Spring MARAC featured an invigorating plenary address by Kathleen Roe, and several quality sessions, including a panel session of which I was a panelist! Below is a tweet from the session by Marie Elia (@marieelizabeth) a Pitt alumna. To see more about the session on “Describing Difference: Transparency, Methodology, and Diversity in Organizing Information,” search #s20 #marac on twitter.



After MARAC I spent some time in Richmond, VA with family and friends, and contemplated what I want to learn from my last semester, and how to prepare myself for the job that I want. I enrolled in the following courses, Records & Information Management, Digital Humanities, Metadata, and Legal Issues in Information Handling: Copyright and Fair Use in the Digital Age. I continued to job hunt, and tweak my current resume and work on a cover letter for a prospective job. Additionally, I considered the skills and tools I want to become familiar with.

Though it has been a short break, roughly 2 weeks, I am definitely ready to take on my third and final semester here, at the iSchool!