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November’s Social Hour (Diwaloween)

The fall semester’s Social Hours have centered around the many cultures that make up our iSchool. September’s theme was a celebration of the Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival. October’s theme was Oktoberfest. For this month’s Social Hour we partnered with ANKUR-Indian Graduate Student Association to focus on Diwali, the Indian Festival of lights.

In honor of Diwali we decided to challenge students to create Rangoli (Traditional Indian decoration usually created with flowers) with nontraditional materials.


Nontraditional materials = sprinkles and lentils

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July Social Hour

FREE Asian Language Classes at Carnegie Library & PennsylvAsia Blog

Though I am not usually a fan of the Pitt News, I was pleasantly surprised to find the article, “Pennsylvania and Asia come together in Pittsburgh,” on the front page of today’s paper. The reporter discusses a new Korean restaurant in South Oakland, other Asian events in the area and the 2014 East Coast Asian American Student Union Annual Conference at George Washington University in Washington, DC.

However, two of the best nuggets of wisdom in the article were the mention of free weekly Asian language classes hosted by the Carnegie Library in Oakland and reference to the blog, PennsylvAsia, written by Brian Deutsch, an employee at the Linguistics Department at the University of Pittsburgh.

The CLP Language Events are FREE! There are classes held throughout the week and at varying times to accommodate patrons. Though you must register to ensure you have a spot, you do not have to pay a dime! Huzzah for libraries!!

In the blog PennsylvAsia, Deutsch writes about events that relate to Asian culture, occurring across the state of Pennsylvania. The entries relate to film screenings, exhibitions, and every type of food location you could imagine. Whether you have a connection to Asian culture or not, this blog is definitely worth checking out!

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